Flock Foam Mini Paint Roller Refill

Flock foam mini paint roller sleeve. 4 inch (100mm) budget quality, medium-density foam core, flocked with orange microfibres. Rounded on the frame end only. Ideal for producing smooth even finishes with modern trim paints, including water-borne gloss and satin coatings on flat surfaces, such as doors, panels, window cills etc. producing a smoother finish, with faster application than using just a foam mini roller alone.

In our tests we found that they shed a few fibres despite washing the roller well first, hence our budget rating. However, the shed fibres are so small and fine that it's unlikely that they would ever be visible for normal opaque paint projects, and so we give them a thumbs-up as a flocked foam roller at the the budget/volume user end of the market.


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Push on/Pull off design for use with standard 6mm diameter Mini Paint Roller frames (see links below photo). Outer diameter 35mm. Available in 100mm (4 inch) size.

Flock foam mini paint roller sleeves are packed in plastic clam shells in sets of 10, although you can purchase in any quantity required.

pack of 10£12.92

*all prices include VAT