Fosbide Slimline Cemented Carbide Blade 50mm

Fossa Fosbide Slimline Cemented Carbide Blade. A 50mm (2 inch), replaceable cemented tungsten carbide tipped blade. Reversible blade with two edges, which will hold it's edge up to 50 times longer than standard blades.

Fosbide blades have the highest tungsten content available, don't mistake them for lower tungsten content blades which blunt quickly on hard surfaces, and which are really only suitable for use on wood.

Replacement for: Fits scraper:
Sandvik/Bahco 442 blade Bahco 440 Scraper
  Bahco 650 Scraper
Harris 50mm Tungsten Carbide Blade Harris 3670 Tungsten Carbide Scraper
Hyde 11180 Carbide Blade

Hyde 10610 Scraper

Faithfull TCT Scraper Blade 50mm

Faithful TCT 50mm Scraper

Hamilton Prestige HD Blade 24581-050

Hamilton Prestige Heavy Duty Scraper 24580-50

  Prodec RDHS2 Heavy Duty Scraper


Far easier removes of glue, paint, varnish, boat anti-foul coatings, woodstains and rust from flat surfaces with/without a heat gun or chemical stripper. The corner of the blade can be used for more intricate detail. Use on wood, concrete, metal, GRP. Ideal for stripping boat hulls, windows, doors, wooden trim, rusty metal, stonework, concrete etc. Super sharp, 35 degree specially ground edges reduce the risk of scratching surfaces. Use with either a pull or push action. Dimensions 50.8 x 7.95 x 1.7mm

Fossa Fosbide Slimline Cemented Carbide Blades are available in singles, and packs of 10 blades to save you even more.

pack of 10£39.80

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Fosbide Slimline Cemented Carbide Blade 50mm

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