Fossa Pro Masking Paper (for all Hand Masker Machines)

Fossa TrueMask Professional Kraft Masking Paper, is a high quality painters, ribbed glazed kraft masking paper for use in all Trimaco and 3M hand masker machines. It's the heaviest weight 100% kraft hand masking paper currently available in the UK. It's super strong, and won't let you down like thinner, weaker masking papers can. Suitable for both water-borne and solvent-borne paints.

  • Unique easy open roll saves time and frustration.
  • Higher weight paper is suitable for both solvent and water-borne paints.
  • Long fibre paper construction is very strong to resist tearing during application, and it cuts beautifully.
  • Machine glazed on the outside of each roll so that even the lowest tack tapes will adhere.
  • Heavy weight paper core provides roll stability right up until the paper runs out.
  • Standard core diameter fits all hand masker machines.

Paper is ideal for masking up short widths of trim before painting or decorating walls, particularly where you are spraying using Airless or HVLP equipment. Or for masking up glass, brickwork, and plaster when spraying trimwork, such as on-site respraying of PVCu windows, which require masking up glass and surrounding brickwork. Fossa Pro Masking Paper is also strong enough for masking prior to plastering and rendering

Compared with plastic film, paper is more absorbant, wet's out to avoid drips, dries faster, and is biodegradable. It also avoids overspray flaking off plastic sheets, as even Corona treated plastic sheets can flake with highly filled contract emulsion paints.

Fossa TrueMask Pro Masking Paper uses a heavyweight paper core, with an industry standard 25mm inner diameter which fits all standard masking machines including 3M M1000, 3M M2000, M3000 and Trimaco Easy Mask QM5000.

Fossa TrueMask Professional Kraft Masking Paper is available in 148mm (6 inch), and 296mm (12 inch) widths, Each roll contains 50 meters of paper. It's sold in single rolls, and full cartons containg 10 x 296mm (12 inch) rolls, 20 x 148mm (6 inch) rolls, to save you even more.

single roll148mm (6 in) x 50 meters£2.19
carton of 20148mm (6 in) x 50 meters£39.36
single roll296mm (12 in) x 50 meters£4.18
carton of 10296mm (12 in) x 50 meters£35.16

*all prices include VAT