Fossa Oxford Premium Canvas Dust Sheet 12 x 9ft

The Fossa Oxford Premium Cotton Dust Sheet 12x9 ft is a top quality canvas, 100% cotton dust sheet for professionals at an exceptional price. A dense Oxford canvas weave (unique to Fossa) helps protect floors, shield furniture, fixtures and fittings during building and decorating projects.

  • Manufactured using tightly woven warp and weft threads in a dense Oxford weave, not the cheaper cotton twill.
  • Size 12 x 9 feet (approx 3.6 x 2.7 meters)
  • 100% cotton.
  • Thick, soft and supple.
  • Highly absorbant.
  • Approx minimum weight per dustsheet - 2.65kg

You can also buy this Fossa Oxford Weave Dust Sheet in a larger 12 x 12ft size; a 24 x 3ft stair runner, and a handy 6 x 3ft size ideal for tradesmen like plumbers and electricians.

Cleaning & Care: Wash on a 40 deg cycle, spin and line dry (do not tumble dry). It helps to keep the dust sheets soft and supple if you use a fabric softener on the final rinse. Shrinkage after washing is approx 6%. You can see a youtube video showing a 6'x3' Oxford dust sheet both before, and after washing.

The 12 x 9 ft Fossa Oxford Premium Cotton Dust Sheet is available in single sheets, and bulk bales of 10 dustsheets at a discount to save you even more.

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Fossa Oxford Premium Canvas Dust Sheet 12 x 9ft