Fossa 12 Litre Paint Scuttle - plus 5-in-1 Pull-Liner set.

Fossa 12 Litre Paint Scuttle and 5-in-1 Pull Liner Set, comprises a strong polypropylene paint scuttle together with 5 pull-out disposable liners - which you can tear out one at a time. The disposable liners really save time and hassle between coats. Finished painting your ceiling white...? then just pull-out a liner and fill the scuttle straight up with a different colour paint. No need to wash the scuttle out.

The 12 Litre paint scuttle easily takes all our 9 inch paint roller frames and sleeves, and is ideal size for all wall and ceiling decorating projects.

Less cleaning saves time, and time is money, and we also prefer not to wash paint down the drain. The disposable liners provide up to 5 quick and reliable colour changes - ideal for on-site work with limited washing facilities.

  • ideal for painting walls and ceilings.
  • no washing with disposable tear-out liners.
  • quick colour changes.
  • use with all our paint rollers upto 9 inch wide.

Internal dimensions (base): 280mm (11in) wide x 180mm (7in) long. (top): 320mm (12.5in) wide x 230mm (9in) long. (height): 195mm (7.75in).

Manufactured from polished grey plastic (polypropylene), with rounded internal corners for easy cleaning. Clear internal markings every litre on scuttle interior. Pouring spout in one corner for easily returning unused paint to your paint container. Heavy duty galvanised steel wire handle with central ladder notch resists rusting. Reinforced corners and lip.

Replacement 5-in1 Pull-Liner sets for the 12L paint scuttle are also available. You can order from the links on the right hand side of the page.

The Fossa 12 Litre Paint Scuttle, and disposable 5 in 1 Pull-Liner Set is sold as a complete unit, as well as bulk packs containing 3 units, or 10 units, to save you even more.

pack of 3£37.32
pack of 10£118.40

*all prices include VAT