Fossa Self-Adhesive Zipper - 2.1 Meters Long

Fossa Self adhesive Zipper, 33mm wide x 2.1 meters long. A good value self-adhesive zipper. Attach to plastic sheeting to create an entry through the sheeting in seconds, or use two zippers to create an even wider opening. Heavy dusty self-adhesive black Polyester fabric. Double sided Metal slider, nylon chain.


1. Using the self adhesive backing, firmly attach the zip vertically onto the plastic sheet in the center of the doorway. It can help to have somebody on each side of the doorway at this stage, so that you can both run your hands down each side of the sheet at the same time to ensure the zipper is firmly attached.

2. With the zip fully shut (as supplied), the zip slider should be at the bottom of the door opening floor, and the end stop should be at the top.

3. Whilst opening the zip, carefully run a knife up the centre of the sheet, taking care not to damage the zip in the process.

4. Pull the zip back down to the bottom to seal the room off. The double sided zip can now be used from both sides of the doorway.

Fossa Self-Adhesive Zipper is sold in single rolls, and bulk packs of 5 rolls to save you even more..


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Fossa Self-Adhesive Zipper - 2.1 Meters Long