Fossa TrueMask 82 Precision Masker Film

Fossa TrueMask 82 Precision Masker Film is a pre-taped high density polythene / plastic masking film for speedily masking and protecting large areas including walls, kitchen cupboards, windows etc. You can also use it stand alone, but it's standard 1 inch cardboard core also fit's Trimaco and 3M hand masking dispenser machines - which are ideal for quick and easy application on larger decorating, or spray painting projects.

The HDPE static cling film is pre-taped with Fossa TrueMask 82 Precision Masking Tape. This is a UV resistant, medium-tack, flat-backed yellow washi painters masking tape, capable of producing extra sharp lines, and colour transitions. Suitable for application to smooth/flat exterior and interior surfaces.  Adhesive Strength to Steel: 15. TrueMask 82 uses a heavier grade of Washi paper than usual, for increased strength. This helps improve accuracy and speed of application on straight runs of tape applied to mouldings and skirtings. It also increases resistance to tearing during removal, particularly on tape edges that have been overpainted. The clean release time on exteriors is up to 4 weeks, and 7 weeks on interiors. 

  • Stronger washi paper backing.
  • High contrast yellow tape.
  • medium-tack for most painting projects.
  • Up to 7 weeks release indoors.
  • Up to 4 weeks release outdoors.
  • Clean removal.
  • Acrylic-based adhesive.
Thickness: 0.115 mm
Tensile Strength: 34 N/10mm
Adhesive Strength to Steel: 1.49 N/10mm



100 deg C

Fossa TrueMask 82 Precision Masker Film is available in individual rolls with a film drop of 1100mm, 1400mm, 1800mm, and 2400mm. Each roll is 20 meters long. It's also available in carton quantities at a fantastic bulk price.

single roll1100mm x 20m£2.98
box of 301100mm x 20m£69.52
single roll1400mm x 20m£3.18
box of 301400mm x 20m£74.70
single roll1800mm x 20m£3.88
box of 301800mm x 20m£91.75
single roll2400mm x 20m£5.58
box of 302400mm x 20m£131.36

*all prices include VAT

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Fossa TrueMask 82 Precision Masker Film