Fossa TrueMask Pro Masking Film (for Hand Masking Tools)

Fossa TrueMask Pro Masking Film is a colourless translucent HDPE pre-folded masking film on a role, specifically for use with Trimaco, Fossa Wrapper, and 3M Hand Masking tools.

It's a strong, easy to apply and unfold high density plastic sheeting, designed to protect surfaces from paint, dust and plaster when undertaking building and painting works, particularly for spray applications. It's statically charged, so the film clings to the surface being protected.

Uses an industry standard 1 inch (25mm) core for use with most hand-masking machines, including the 3M M1000, M2000, M3000 hand masker, the Fossa Wrapper,  and the Trimaco Easy Mask QM5000 PRO Masker. It's available in the following drops:

Metric (Drop x Roll length) Imperial (Drop x Roll length)
1.22 x 55 meters 48 in x 180 ft
1.83 x 27 meters 72 in x 90 ft
2.5 x 27 meters 99 in x 90 ft


Fossa TrueMask Masking Film is available in single rolls, or bulk cartons containing 25 rolls of film to save you even more.

single roll1.2 x 55m£9.23
carton of 251.2 x 55m£199.85
single roll1.8 x 27m£6.62
carton of 251.8 x 27m£144.59
single roll2.5 x 27m£8.51
carton of 252.5 x 27m£183.85

*all prices include VAT