Disposable P1 Valved Respirator FFP1

Comfortable valved respirator protects against fine non toxic dusts, fibres, solid and liquid aerosols. Exhalation valve reduces the build up of heat and moisture inside the mask and helps improve wearer acceptance. Contoured fit, lightweight, low breathing resistance. Latest standard EN149:2001 FFP1. Supplied in box's of 10 face masks.

Single use respirators for use against solid and liquid aerosols are classified according to one of 3 categories:

FFP1: Protection against non-toxic solid and liquid aerosols up to 4.5 x O.E.L. (Occupational Exposure Limit), or 4 x APF (Assigned Protection Factor).
FFP2: Protection against non-toxic and low-to-average toxicity solid and liquid aerosols in concentrations up to 12 x O.E.L., or 10 x APF.
FFP3: Protection against non-toxic, low-to-average toxicity and high toxicity a solid and liquid aerosols (e.g. oil mists) in concentrations up to 50 x O.E.L., or 20 x APF.

You should conduct a risk assessment to decide on the level of protection required, and this is dependant on the contaminant concentration.

box of 10£10.48
case of 120£124.93

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Disposable P1 Valved Respirator FFP1