Junckers Prefill Floor Filler

Junckers Prefill is a single-pack, fast drying water-borne pre-filler which fills up gaps, cracks and knots easily on internal timber floors when mixed with sanding dust. For use with Junckers other water-based floor systems only (Junckers Strong, High Performance Sport & Commercial).

Coverage is difficult to estimate because it is dependent on the condition of the floor, but allow a maximum coverage of 20 square meters per litre. Drying times: Approximately 45-90 minutes (at 20&degC and normal drying conditions). Apply using a broad bladed filling/smoothing knife etc. When using Junckers Prefill, mix enough sanding dust into Junckers Prefill until a thick but spreadable paste is obtained. If too thick dilute with water.

System Recommendations:

High traffic areas: 1 coat Prefill, 1 coat Prelack, 2 coats Strong.

Low traffic areas: 1 coat Prefill, 1 coat Prelack, 1 coat Strong.

Sport areas: 1 coat Prefill, 1 coat Prelack, 1-2 coats High Performance Sport.

Available in 5 Litre size only.

5 litre£79.80

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Junckers Prefill Floor Filler