Junckers Sylva Strip

Junckers Sylva Strip is a basic cleaner for stripping Junckers Sylva Polish from lacquered wooden floors. Designed to be used if it is no longer possible to keep the floor clean by using Junckers Sylva Cleaner, or to remove Junckers Sylva Polish. After treatment with Junckers Sylva Strip, the floor should be treated with Junckers Sylva Polish.

Dilution: For 10 litres of water (25°C) dilute with 75ml of Sylva Strip for Periodic Cleaning; dilute with 250ml of Sylva Strip for Basic cleaning.

General Directions for use:

Sweep, mop or vacuum clean the wood floor. Apply the cleaning solution as a thin even layer using a clean floor mop or a well wrung out cloth. Rub thoroughly on very dirty areas (if necessary use a scrubbing machine). Remove the cleaning solution with clean water. If there is still some polish left, repeat the treatment.

Available in 1.0 Litre size.

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Junckers Sylva Strip

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