Keen High Temperature Spray Paint Aerosol

Keen High Temperature Spray Paint is a silicone resin and pigment based heat resistant finish for both interior and exterior use. It offers excellent coverage and resistance to temperatures up to 600°C without cracking of detaching. Ideal for pipes, wood burning stoves and stoves in general, barbeques, radiators, engines, exhaust pipes, cylinder heads etc. It is available in Matt Black and Metallic Silver finishes.

Remove wax and degrease metal surfaces using Grax-it wax remover and degreaser. Wait until surface is cold before spraying. After each application the surface must be pre-heated to a temperature of 350°C in order to eliminate the thermoplastic component of the formulation and allow the paint to be fully effective at higher temperatures. Not recommended on surfaces which only attain a maximum temperature of 150-160°C. The coating is likely to change colour when exposed to temperatures of 450-500°C, although this will not affect it heat resistance or adhesion to the substrate. Do no use on surfaces in direct contact with naked flames. If used on engines it may be attacked by splashes of petrol.

Available in 400ml aerosol cans in Matt Black and Metallic Silver finishes only.

Keen High Temperature Spray Paint cans are fitted with, self-cleaning valve's, safety cap, use genuine 15 bar resistant containers, and ozone safe propellant. Drying times: Touch dry in 10-15 min, Overcoatable in 20-25 min, Fully through-dry in a minimum of 24 hours. Do expose to heat until fully through-dry. These times are based on a temperature of 20°C, normal relative humidity (60% RH) and good drying conditions. Do not apply if temperatures are below 15°C, especially in areas of low ventilation.

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