Keen Line Marking Spray Paint

A special fast drying spray paint for marking interior and exterior floors, e.g. car parks, playgrounds, factories, warehouses etc. Non-yellowing, resistant to abrasion, walkable, and high durability.

  • Special self-cleaning multi-directional valve which sprays a 360 deg pattern in any direction.
  • Use for line marking, road indications, industrial floors and survey work.
  • Suitable for use on cement, concrete and synthetic surfaces etc.
  • Lead free, no Chlorinated Solvents.

Directions for use:

  • Shake can vigorously for 2-3 minutes after weights are heard to rattle.
  • Ensure the surface to be marked is dry and clear of any grease or debris.
  • Mask off or use a stencil for accurate edges and designs.
  • The nearer the aerosol is to the ground, the more accurate and denser the line.

Drying times are dependent on the temperature at which it is applied. For best results the temperature should be above 15°C. Touch dry in 15 minutes. Fully through dry in 24 hours.

Coverage: 500ml size produces a 50mm (2 inch) wide line approximately 40 meters  to 75 meters long dependent on thickness of application.

Line Marking Aerosol Paint is available in White and Fluorescent Yellow for excellent visibility, in 500 ml aerosol cans.

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Keen Line Marking Spray Paint