Keen Stain Cover Spray Paint

Keen Stain Cover Spray Paint is a excellent one coat, stain blocking primer for interior wood, plaster, brick and concrete surfaces etc. Keen Stain Cover Spray Paint is high hiding, highly pigmented primer and stain blocker. It produces a bright white, flat matt finish, permanently sealing in and covering existing stains.

It provides one coat coverage over water stains, rust stains, and smoke damage etc. It's ideal for quickly blocking stains on interior walls and ceilings. Can be over-coated with any water-borne decorative paint if required. Spray application, with multi-directional 360 degree valve, and vertical nozzle. Free of pigments containing heavy metals and harmful gases for the ozone.

Application: Use at 20-25 deg centigrade. Do not apply below 15 deg Centigrade. Shake for a few minutes after hearing the ball bearing rattle. Spray at 18-25 cm from the surface to be painted. Thanks to the multi-directional valve, it's not necessary to hold the can in a vertical position when spraying. Shake can occasional during use. Apply light cross coats until the stain is covered (usually 4 passes). Touch dry: in 20 minutes. Overcoatable: in a minimum of 1 hour with any water-based paints. Coverage: 1-2 square meters at recommended application rate. Note: For stubborn stains, a second application may be required. A test application is always recommended first, to check that this product meets your requirements.

Keen Stain Cover Spray Paint is sold in single 400ml aerosol spray cans, and cartons of 4 cans to save you even more.

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Keen Stain Cover Spray Paint

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