Kip Dispenser for Masker (Metal)

Professional Dispenser for our range of KIP Masker pre-taped masking film. Heavy duty design constructed from solid aluminium plate for a lifetime of use. Easily cuts heavy duty tape and film with its integrated sliding safety cutter.

Recomended for use with pre-taped masker rolls; Kip Masker with HDPE Film and UV Resistant Cloth Tape (Blue). Not recommended for use with Pre-taped Kip Paper Masker.

1. Ensure safety cutter is spring locked into safety position.
2. Open dispenser gate
3. Load the dispenser with pre-taped masking film, by pushing the pre-taped core end of your Masking Film firmly onto the dispenser spindle. (you may need to place the other end of the masking film on a flat surface, and push the dispenser and spindle down into the film core, it requires some pressure to complete.)
4. Unroll Masking film over the the top of the safety cutter channel.
5. Close dispenser gate.
6. Apply masking film to surfaces as required.
7. When you are ready to cut the film, place your thumb onto the gate, and press down to ensure the gate is fully closed, then slide red safety cutter handle completely back and forth along channel, so that the cutter is ends up back in the spring locked  safety position it started from.
8. Open gate, and dispense more masking film over the the top of the safety cutter channel.
9. Repeat 5-8 until the masking film has been fully dispensed and needs replacement.

Available in a two sizes to fit rolls with a maximum core length of 10cm, and rolls with a maximum core length of 20cm.


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