Kip Masking Paper (for all hand maskers)

Kip Professional Kraft Masking Paper, high quality painters smooth glazed kraft masking paper for use in all Trimaco and 3M hand maskers. 50g per square meter.

Ideal for masking up trim before painting or decorating, particularly where you are spraying using Airless or HVLP equipment. Also used for masking prior to plastering and rendering. Ideal for bothe water-borne and solvent-borne paints.

It's often preferred to use tough glazed kraft paper for masking short widths of trim when spraying, rather than using plastic film. paper is more absorbant, wet's out, dries faster, and is removed and disposed of more easily. Avoids overspray flaking off plastic sheets.

Industry standard 25mm core size fits all standard masking machines including 3M M1000, 3M M2000, and Trimaco Easy Mask QM5000.

Kip Professional Kraft Masking Paper is available in 75mm, 150mm, 225mm and 300mm widths, Each roll is 50 meters long.

single75mm x 50m£1.58
box of 6075mm x 50m£82.72
single225mm x 50m£4.74
box of 12225mm x 50m£48.54
single300mm x 50m£5.96
box of 12300mm x 50m£63.26

*all prices include VAT