Kip Protective Film Green 313 - 100 meter rolls

Kip Protective Film Green 313 is a professional quality, durable transparent green LDPE masking film, fully coated on one side with a lower-tack adhesive. Adhesive Strength to Steel: 14 .

Use for fully masking surfaces in one application, such as windows and glazing, stone flooring, carpeting and stairs, handrails, pipes, drain pipes etc., during painting, decorating, plastering, rendering and facade cleaning. Up to 3 weeks release, indoors and outdoors.

Note: Particular caution is required when applying this product to  porous surfaces, e.g. marble, other natural stones and clay products such as terracotta, test application is recomended to check suitability.

Thickness: 0.05 mm
Tensile Strength: 12 N/10mm
Adhesive Strength to Steel: 1.4 N/10mm
Elongation: 250%

Kip Protective Film Green 313 is available in individual roll widths of 75mm, 125mm, 250mm,  500mm & 1000mm widths. Each roll is 100 meters long. It's also available in carton quantities at a fantastic bulk price.

single75mm x 100m£9.09
box of 3675mm x 100m£302.50
single125mm x 100m£11.51
box of 24125mm x 100m£245.46
single250mm x 100m£23.32
box of 12250mm x 100m£258.59
single500mm x 100m£42.87
box of 6500mm x 100m£245.76
single1000mm x 100m£83.37
box of 61000mm x 100m£465.45

*all prices include VAT

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Kip Protective Film Green 313 - 100 meter rolls