Krud Kutter Gloss Off

Krud KutterGloss-Off is a reformulated version of the original American Gloss-off. An alkaline, no-rinse chemical deglosser that's formulated to prepare previously painted gloss surfaces prior to decorating or refinishing. Allows most glossy, or hard-to-stick-to decorative paint finishes to be chemically 'keyed' rather than sanding them.

It's chemical action attacks the surface of most decorative trim paints and varnishes, providing a 'key' that new coatings can better adhere to. Surfaces can be coated in as little as 10 minutes after treatment with Gloss-off. It's ideal for quickly preparing intricate surfaces or complex mouldings that would otherwise be difficult to abrade.

Do not use on porous surfaces. Always apply a test application to an inconspicuous area to check for suitability. Contains Disodium Metasillicate Pentahydrate can cause severe skin burns and eye damage - Always wear suitable protective equipment (gloves, eye protection and dust mask etc).

Krud KutterGloss-Off is supplied in 750ml trigger spray, and sold in singles, or cartons containing 6 trigger sprays to save you even more.

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Krud Kutter Gloss Off

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