Krud Kutter Original Cleaner Degreaser

Krud KutterOriginal is a reformulated version of the American KrudKutter for the UK. A concentrated alkaline cleaner, degreaser and stain remover that quickly and easily removes tough stains from many different surfaces.

Krud Kutter Original removes food, drink stains, dried latex paint, paint overspray, tape residue, glue and adhesive, acid rain, bird droppings, smoke damage, tree sap, grease and oil, marker and crayon, pet stains, brake dust, fireplace soot, oxidation, lipstick, scuff marks, blood stains, sun tan oil, tar and wax, chewing gum, soap scum and shoe polish. iSuitable for use on many surfaces including tiles and grout, baths, sinks, showers, tools and equipment, machinery, driveways, barbecues, ovens. Always read full instructions on pack before use.

Do not use on varnished surfaces or leather. Always apply a test application to an inconspicuous area to check for suitability. Contains Disodium Metasillicate Pentahydrate can cause severe skin burns and eye damage - Always wear suitable protective equipment (gloves, eye protection and dust mask etc). If using before painting, ensure that all residues are thoroughly rinsed off with clean water before overcoating.

KrudKutterOriginal is supplied in a 750ml trigger spray bottle, and sold in singles, or cartons containing 6 trigger sprays to save you even more.

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Krud Kutter Original Cleaner Degreaser

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