Ella Ceiling Medallion 293mm

Ella ceiling medallion is one of our smallest ceiling centers, and is a beautiful addition to the ceilings of any home. It's 293mm (11.5 inch approx) diameter is ideal for smaller rooms and hallways. It features a braided cord pattern on the outer ring, an inner ring of beading, with an Elizabethan inspired Tudor rose and leaf design in the center. A richly embellished ceiling rose with bold, deep relief (as you can see from the close up photography). Other suppliers may offer similar looking designs, but upon closer inspection you will often find poorer carving detail and shallower relief, to reduce the raw material costs, or for easier high volume production.

The Ella ceiling medallion is a premium quality centre, made of a hard, impact resistant outer skin, and polyurethane (PU) resin inner - it's lightweight but strong. It is much lighter than a plaster ceiling rose, easy to fix, and offers deeper relief than is possible with common plaster ceiling centers formed using liquid plaster and a rubber mould.

The 293mm dia. Ella ceiling medallion is supplied bubble wrapped and boxed, and can be fixed with our MS Polymer adhesive. Edge filling with a quality decorators caulk is highly recommended to give a fully finished appearance.


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Ella Ceiling Medallion 293mm

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