Adjustable Mitre Box

Adjustable mitre box made from heavy duty plastic. This mitre box is ideal for creating mitres in our larger Decorative Cornice and Coving. Takes coving and cornice between 65 - 175mm (2.5 - 7 inch) down the wall and up to 200mm (8 inch) across the ceiling.

Instructions for use: Place your coving into the mitre block with the rear facing towards you, making sure that the edge that would be in contact with the ceiling is placed against the large side of the mitre box. (The edge that would be in contact with the wall should therefore be placed against the base of the mitre box). Slide the adjustable side of the mitre box up to the coving making sure that the piece is positioned perfectly square. The distance set between both sides of the mitre block should be the 'length down the wall' of your coving. Tighten the finger nuts to hold the adjustable side firmly in place. (See instruction image on right hand side of page).

Using a sharp panel saw cut down the slots at the desired angle, sawing through the plastic bridging ribs down to the bottom. The cuts are set at 90, 60 and 45 degree angles. Take care not to keep sawing through the base. If you are a beginner at cutting mitres, keep offering the coving up to the ceiling and mark rough cut lines on the coving in pencil, this makes it easier to select the correctly angled mitre cut. We recommend that customers familiarise themselves with the process of cutting a mitre using some coving off-cuts first, particularly if they have little experience of cutting mitres.


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Adjustable Mitre Box