Masking Tape Dispenser Kit

Masking Tape Dispenser Kit contains a dispenser, together with 1 x 1.5" TrueMask 82 Precision Masking Tape (ASS:15), 1 x 1.5" TrueMask 86 Delicate Precision Masking Tape (ASS:11). Ideal to get you started masking up skirting, door surrounds and other trim work quickly and easily.

The dispenser speeds up masking tape application to straight runs of trim work, and applies the masking tape more accurately than the DIY decorator would normally be capable of. When used together with Fossa TrueMask flat-backed washi tapes, it can really help to produce a great finish to a decorating project, with sharper, straighter colour and paint transitions than would be possible by cutting-in by brush alone.

The masking tape applicator has a handy sprung cutting blade that is cleverly positioned to cut the tape at 90 degrees, cleanly and accurately when you reach an internal corner.

TrueMask's masking tape has a lower adhesion (ASS) as low as just 11, and practical  clean release times on exteriors of up to 4 weeks, and 7 weeks on interiors. It's ideal for these sorts of interior projects.


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