Paint Brush Wrap - Handle and Refill

Paint Brush Wrap covers your paint brushes to stop them drying out between coats. Elastic recovery of the film ensures it stays tightly wound around the brush ferrule sealing it to prevent moisture loss, and because it's a film, it can cover any size of paint brush tightly. Self cling film characteristics allows the film to stick to itself. When you're ready to use the brush again, simply pull the film straight off the brush in one go without unwrapping, and dispose of it - no washing or cleaning of brush containers.

At first it can be a little fiddly to get the hang of using the film, but after a few attempts you'll find its the fasted, cheapest and most effective method to temporarily stop your paint brushes drying out between coats.

Paint Brush Wrap is supplied complete with both the handle and a film refill. Each refill contains approximately 100 meters of film, enough to wrap a 3 inch paint brush over 200 times. You can buy extra Paint Brush Wrap Refills separately here

Instructions: Unwrap a little of the film, and lay it over the ferrule. Hold the end of this film firmly with your thumb, then using your other hand wrap the brush with the film in a spiral movement until the film extends well past the end of the brush filament/bristle. Tear the film. Then press the ends of the film together to seal them. You can see a quick video here.

Photo shows a paint brush for illustration purposes only (not included).


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Paint Brush Wrap - Handle and Refill

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