Mirka Hiomant Aluminium Oxide Abrasive Rolls 115mm wide

115mm width Mirka Hiomant Aluminium Oxide Abrasive / Sandpaper uses a heavy paper backing which is electro-coated and fully resin bonded with aluminium oxide grit for an ultra long life. It is designed for general purpose machine sanding of timber in orbital sanders including ½ sheet and palm sanders, as well as for hand sanding as a heavy duty abrasive for paint preparation in the decorating trade.

Mirka Hiomant 415 Abrasive rolls are supplied by the meter to save you money, or by the 50 meter roll, you can choose as little or as much as you like and you still get the benefits of our bulk buying power. Available in P40, P60, P80, P100, P120, P150, P180 and P240 grade. Yellow, 115 mm wide.

per single meterP40 grade£1.21
roll of 50 metersP40 grade£42.24
per single meterP60 grade£0.96
roll of 50 metersP60 grade£33.44
per single meterP80 grade£0.85
roll of 50 metersP80 grade£28.71
per single meterP100 grade£0.85
roll of 50 metersP100 grade£28.71
per single meterP120 grade£0.85
roll of 50 metersP120 grade£28.71
per single meterP150 grade£0.85
roll of 50 metersP150 grade£28.71
per single meterP180 grade£0.85
roll of 50 metersP180 grade£28.71
per single meterP240 grade£0.85
roll of 50 metersP240 grade£28.71

*all prices include VAT