Mirka Q Silver Grip Sheets 70 x 125 mm

Mirka Q Silver Grip Aluminium Oxide hook and loop abrasive strips (70mm x 125mm)  have a Velcro backing for easy attachment to the matching Grip block.

Mirka Q Silver is a special abrasive product, vital for applications where loading is a problem. The unique blue tinted sterate coating gives a very high resistance to clogging and loading. This becomes especially apparent when sanding soft and incompletely cured paints and lacquers.

Thanks to the specially treated paper backing, Q Silver is very flexible, ensuring good edge wear characteristics and less grain loss when sanding in corners. The high quality paper backing also provides a uniform surface with more consistant grain height to produce extremely fine finishes. Progressive BondTM bonding technology gives good flexibility and grain adhesion which ensure a much longer life - and therefore reduced consumable costs.

Natural aluminium oxide abrasive, resin over resin bonding and medium weight backing for sanding of wood, fillers, paints and coatings. Semi-open coat which is blue searate coated to resist clogging and loading. A high performance abrasive for the professional.

  • Resin over resin Progressive BondTM Technology
    - Excellent grain bonding providing edge wear resistance
  • Consistent and precise manufacturing process
    - provides finer scratch pattern for improved finish.
  • High performance stearate coating
    - Maximum resistance to clogging and loading.

Mirka Q Silver abrasive strips are packed in box's of 100 strips. Strip size 70 mm x 125 mm. Available in grit P80, P120, P180, P240, P320, P400 and P600 grade.

singleP80 grade£0.64
box of 100P80 grade£40.20
singleP100 grade£0.58
box of 100P100 grade£37.61
singleP120 grade£0.58
box of 100P120 grade£37.61
singleP150 grade£0.58
box of 100P150 grade£37.61
singleP180 grade£0.58
box of 100P180 grade£37.61
singleP240 grade£0.58
box of 100P240 grade£37.61
singleP320 grade£0.58
box of 100P320 grade£37.61
singleP400 grade£0.58
box of 100P400 grade£37.61
singleP600 grade£0.58
box of 100P600 grade£37.61

*all prices include VAT