Mirka Goldflex Soft Hand Pads

Rolls of Mirka Goldflex Soft hand pads, are a soft, flexible abrasive, suitable for both dry, and wet sanding projects. Rolls of pads are perforated to allow easy tear off, and supplied in a dedicated dispenser carton.

Goldflex Soft is ideal for sanding profiled and irregular surfaces like mouldings. The PE closed-cell foam backing provides good grip, and is kinder to your hands than foam abrasives which are coated on both sides. The foam backing also distributes pressure more evenly acros the surface you are abrading, which reduces the risk of sanding through the surface when denibbing between coats of paint.

The pale coloured aluminium oxide abrasive is bonded to a flexible A-weight latex paper using a resin-over-resin process in a semi-open pattern, and then overcoated with a special sterate product that reduces clogging.

Suitable for use on soft and hard woods, MDF / HDF, sanding paint, lacquers, plastics primers, soft and resinous woods, and veneers.

Mirka Goldflex Soft hand pads are supplied in rolls of 200 pads in the most popular grits P150, P180, P240, and P320. Each pad size is 115 x 125mm.

P150 grade£33.49
P180 grade£33.49
P240 grade£33.49
P320 grade£33.49

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Mirka Goldflex Soft Hand Pads