Mirka Interface Pad for 80 x 230mm Handy Sanding Block

Mirka Interface Pad for 80 x 230mm Handy Hand Sanding Block is a flexible soft foam interface pad with 55 holes for use with Mirka's 'Handy' - hook n loop dust extraction hand sanding block (see links on right hand side of page). Ideal for use with Mirka's Abranet.

The 7 mm thick, soft foam interface strip fits between the Handy hand sanding block, and your hook n loop sanding abrasive. It produces a softer cut, and allows the abrasive to deform to the surface you are sanding, ideal for sanding rounded surfaces and contours.

Mirka Interface Pad for 80 x 230 mm Mirka Handy Sanding Block is available in singles, packs of 5 and bulk packs of 10 pads to save you even more.

pack of 5£65.48
pack of 10£120.69

*all prices include VAT