Olfa 18mm Excel Black Snap-Off Speed Blade LFB-5B

Olfa 18mm Excel Black Snap-Off Speed Blade LFB-5B, combines the exceptional sharpness of Olfa's Polished Excel Black blades, with a new Fluorine coating that dramatically reduces friction, allowing the knife to slide smoothly when cutting.

It's an expensive snap-off blade, but the reduced friction makes a real difference when cutting thicker, more rigid materials like corrugated cardboard, where cutting blades regularly become stuck. The Olfa Speed Blade just glides through the cardboard, requires much less effort, and because of this, we think it's much safer and more controllable during use - so it may well be worth considering if sticking blades and safety are a consideration. Olfa claims it reduces resistance by 50% when cutting cardboard, we wouldn't disagree.

Olfa 'Speed-Blade' is laser marked on every blade to distinguish it's Fluorine coating from the usual Excel Black blades.

Olfa 18mm Excel Black Snap-off Speed Blade is supplied in plastic containers, each container contains 5 blades.

pack of 5£6.38

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Olfa 18mm Excel Black Snap-Off Speed Blade LFB-5B