Paint Can Grid - Metal 5 litre

Paint Can Grid fits any 5 litre paint can, or any of our 5L paint kettles. For use with all our mini paint rollers up to 5 inch (125mm) wide. Provides you with a roll-off area, without needing to use a paint tray. Rigid galvanised metal construction with top supports that you can bend to suit the size of container you are using.

  • Fits any 5 Litre paint kettle or paint can.
  • Work directly from the paint can or paint kettle.
  • No paint tray needed.
  • Easier clean up.
  • Ideal when decanting from a screw-cap container.
  • Use with any mini roller up to 5 inch wide.

The Paint Can Grid is particulary useful where you need to first decant coatings from a flat can, bottle or other screw cap container into our 5 litre paint kettle before applying it by mini paint roller and brush. This includes products such as Linseed oils, vanishes, fence stain, waterseal, floor lacquers etc.

You can also pop the Paint Can Grid into any 5L paint can to use the paint directly from the can, where you really don't want to decant the paint to another container avoid wasting. Examples include odd bits of priming, and stain blocking, or messy jobs like applying black bitumen paint.

Size: 140mm (5 inch) wide x approx 200mm long (8 inch long).

pack of 5£11.30
box of 24£51.23

*all prices include VAT