Paint Scuttle Plastic 7.5 Litre Black

Black Plastic paint scuttle, 7.5 litre capacity. A cross between a scuttle and working out container. A sturdy, rectangular plastic paint scuttle with flat roll-off sides so you can use it for loading up 4 inch, 6 inch mini rollers, and 7 inch standard paint rollers, as well as paint brushes. It's ideal for carrying around with you as a paint bucket when cutting in, touching up and snagging. Pair it up with a magnetic paint brush holder and you've got a very practical working out paint bucket, or use it for mixing glass fibre roofing resin.

Manufactured using sturdy impact resistant black plastic. Galvanised wire carry handle with central notch. It comfortably takes all rollers up to 7 inches wide. Approx internal dimensions (base) 9 x 6 inches, (top) 10.5 x 8 inches, (height) 7 inches. Smooth corners for easy cleaning, curved base for easy paint roller loading, and graduated measuring scale from 1 - 8 litres in 1 litre increments, together with gallons.

TOP TIP: Cover the top when your not using it with our cheap elasticated disposable overshoes which make a handy paint pail cover to stop paint drying out.

Black Plastic Paint Scuttle 7.5 Litre is available in singles, and bulk packs of 5 paint scuttles to save you even more.

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Paint Scuttle Plastic 7.5 Litre Black