Paint Stirrer Large Hardwood 390mm / 15 inch

Large wooden paint stirrer. Hardwood construction with shaped handle and hanging hole, and drilled stirring blade. Ideal for comfortably stirring taller 5 litre cans of paint, or mixing large buckets of paste.

It's almost a centimeter thick, so is certainly tough enough to stir thick and viscous liquids without bending, and without any risk of snapping. Dimensions 390mm x 28mm x 8mm (15 1/4 x 1 1/8 x 5/16 inch).

Our hardwood paint stirrer is sold in singles, packs of 6 stirrers, and bulk packs of 60 stirrers to save you even more.

pack of 6£5.48
carton of 60£50.78

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Paint Stirrer Large Hardwood 390mm / 15 inch