Strip Away / Peel Away 1 Neutraliser

Strip Away Neutraliser (which replaces Langlow Peel Away 1 Neutraliser - now discontinued) is an essential part of the treatment process where timber is to be repainted or varnished. The neutralising agent is Acetic Acid. This can be applied with a course hand held spray to the stripped surface and may require repeat applications depending on the porosity of the substrate. Satisfactory neutralisation is verified by pH checks using litmus papers, when the colour corresponds to pH 8. If this is not the case and darker, blue colours persist, then further neutralising treatment is necessary.

When neutralised, the surface should be allowed adequate drying time before repainting proceeds. In circumstances where heavy applications of Strip Away 1 have been necessary, residual alkalinity within the substrate may require over-painting with an alkali resistant primer or sealer prior to repainting. This is particularly relevant for porous substrates such as plasterwork and certain timbers.

StripAway Neutraliser is available in 1 litre sized containers only.

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Strip Away / Peel Away 1 Neutraliser