Prodec Synthetic Round Sash Paint Brush

Prodec Synthetic Round Sash Paint Brush is manufactured using a Nylon and Polyester filament blend, with a round pointed and tipped head for good cutting in control. They perform well in all water-borne paints, modern fast drying trim paints and traditional oil-based solvent-borne paints. Good durability, and fast easy clean up at the end of the day.

Prodec Synthetic Sash Paint Brushes Set have an unfinished white hardwood handle with hanging hole, and seamless rust resistant ferrule.

Stock (Dia.) Length Out
14mm 50mm
17mm 50mm






Supplied in singles (14 mm, 17 mm, 20 mm, and 24 mm diameter stock), with additional discounts if you order in packs of 3.

single14 mm£2.95
pack of 314 mm£8.14
single17 mm£3.40
pack of 317 mm£9.62
single20 mm£3.74
pack of 320 mm£10.88
single24 mm£5.51
pack of 324 mm£15.73

*all prices include VAT

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Prodec Synthetic Round Sash Paint Brush