Proform Chisel Picasso Oval Angled Paint Brush - The Bull PIC15

Proform 'Chisel' Picasso "The Bull" Oval Angled Synthetic Paint Brush (PIC15) uses a Firm Blend PBT™ filament blend. A stiffer blend of PBT filament than the original PIC5 Proform Picasso, with Short Tail hardwood handle for tight spaces and trim work. It boasts filaments that are just a bit stronger and more resilient to heat, moisture, abuse, and which allow it to cope with heavier bodied (higher viscosity) paints.

The 'Chisel' Picasso is the worlds only angled oval paint brush, featuring patented Hardline interior construction with Advantage Firm PBT synthetic filaments. Suitable for use in both water-borne and oil-based paints and coatings. Ideal for tight spaces, cutting-in on detail and trim work with control and precision.

  • Oval ferrule creates a huge paint reservoir in the brush head for a leap in productivity.
  • Hardline interior design prevents the ferrule from ever becoming loose, it's the toughest brush ever.
  • "No-drip after cleaning" feature due to the fully back-filled epoxy ferrule brush setting.
  • Advantage Firm PBT filament blend leads the market when laying out paint, stains and varnish, it cleans up easily too.
  • Hand chiseled acid dipped tips release paint evenly and smoothly for improved engagement with the substrate.

Patented 'Hardline' advanced interior design permanently marries the handle to the ferrule with a fully back-filled epoxy setting and additional hardware, that means the ferrule will never become loose, and Proform claim it's the toughest, longest lasting paint brush ever. The fully back-filled epoxy setting has an additional "no drip after cleaning" benefit, by eliminating the space behind the brush setting, where paint, brush cleaner and water can collect.

Proform 'Chisel' Picasso "The Bull" Oval Angled Synthetic Paint Brush with Short Tail hardwood handle is available in 2.0 inch and 2.5 inch widths, and supplied in replaceable hook n loop secured brush keep. You can purchase them in singles, or packs of 3 to save you even more.

single2 inch£10.03
pack of 32 inch£29.54
single2.5 inch£12.27
pack of 32.5 inch£36.24

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Proform Chisel Picasso Oval Angled Paint Brush - The Bull PIC15