Proform Contractor Oval Flat Paint Brush Beavertail COS

The Proform Contractor Oval Flat Sash Paint Brush forms part of Proform's Contractor range, manufactured using their proprietory blend of PBT/PET synthetic filament for the professional painting contractor. The Oval ferrule creates a huge paint reservoir in the brush head for a leap in productivity.

Good quality filament blend and treatment are very much what we have come to expect from Proform. Use with both water-borne and oil-based paints, coatings and woodstains, including emulsions and acrylic coatings, Ideal for large areas, and also cutting-in on detail and trim work with control and precision. Stainless steel bevelled ferrule, unfinished hardwood beavertail handle with hanging hole.

The Proform Contractor Flat Sash Paint Brush is available in 2 inch, 2.5 inch, 3 inch and 3.5 inch sizes, with additional discounts if you order in pack quantities.

single2 inch£7.39
pack of 62 inch£39.41
single2.5 inch£9.21
pack of 62.5 inch£47.61
single3 inch£11.03
pack of 63 inch£59.14
single3.5 inch£12.95
pack of 63.5 inch£67.49

*all prices include VAT

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Proform Contractor Oval Flat Paint Brush Beavertail COS