Ready Mixed Wallcovering Adhesive

Ready Mixed Wallcovering Adhesive is a higher stength, high performance ready mixed wallcovering paste designed for use by professional installers who need a reliable ready-mixed paste that is easy to use, and produces good results. It's the number one selling readymixed paste we supply to professional decorators. Formulated for hanging all types of wallcovering, in all situations including those where high temperature and humidity are likely. It's a bit stronger than Wallrock Power adhesive and incorporates a fungicide to prevent mould growth.

Suitable for heavy textured vinyl wallpaper, all non-woven Wallrock lining papers and paste-the wall-type wallcoverings, Wallrock Fineliner A50 (when used for interiors), Trend Non-Woven Lining Paper, Vario Plus Non-Woven Lining Paper, polystyrene veneers, hessians and flocks where exceptional load bearing is needed. (But NOT suitable for use with our insulating papers. Use Wallrock Thermal Liner Adhesive instead).

Coverage: 10 litres is normally sufficiant to hang up to 12 standard rolls of wallpaper, heavier and textured papers will use more adhesive, covering a lower number of rolls.

Ready Mixed Wallcovering Adhesive is sold in in 10kg (approx 10 litre) size plastic tubs with resealable lids.

10 kg£24.54

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Ready Mixed Wallcovering Adhesive