Aluminium Hop Up Work Stand / Platform - 600mm Height

Lightweight but very sturdy aluminium hop up folding work platform available in two platform sizes:

  • 825 x 300mm platform
  • 1200 x 300mm platform

Ideal working height of 600mm when carring out painting, wallpapering and preparation work on ceilings, walls and windows. The large flat platform area reduces the number of times you would have to reposition the work platform when compared with using stepladders. This workstand is also far more comfortable on your feet and legs for extended periods of work when compared with standing on the rungs, or steps of a ladder. Ideal for preparation, painting, wallpapering.

Available in two sizes: 825 x 300mm and 1200 x 300mm platform sizes. Rated for 150kg heavy duty use. Rubber feet.

825 x 300 mm Platform£63.75
1200 x 300 mm Platform£84.31

*all prices include VAT

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Aluminium Hop Up Work Stand / Platform - 600mm Height