5 Piece Budget Polyester Paint Brush Set

Budget quality synthetic polyester paint brush set, flagged polyester ends for a smoother finish, brass ferrule, varnished wooden handle.

Synthetic filaments are now generally preferred for applying water-borne paints such as emulsions and acrylic paints. Pure bristle absorbs water and swells up, becoming clogged with the water-borne paint, Synthetic filaments do not absorb water or swell up, thus preventing them from becoming clogged.

Synthetic filaments can also be used for applying solvent-borne paints such as gloss and undercoat.

This pack contains 5 popular sized brushes;
2 x 1 inch, 1 x 1.5 inch angled, 1 x 2 inch, and 1 x 3 inch standard paint brushes.

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5 Piece Budget Polyester Paint Brush Set