Flat Wall Paint Brush Mixed Bristle (Green Handle)

Medium quality flat wall paint brush with polyester filament and pure bristle mix (50% Black PET / 50% Pure White Bristle) for long life.

Moulded plastic green handle, with copper plated ferrule (not solid copper like our Premium Flat Wall Paint Brush). However these brushes have a much thicker stock than our budget quality Flat Wall Paint Brush, with more bristle and thus hold more paint. Easy flow characteristics, and well balanced when loaded with paint.

Available in 4 inch wide, 5 inch, and 6 inch widths, and sold in singles.

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100 mm (4 inch)£5.21
125 mm (5 inch)£5.27
150 mm (6 inch)£7.94

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Flat Wall Paint Brush Mixed Bristle (Green Handle)