Rubber Mixing Bowls

Flexible Rubber Mixing Bowls. Good quality, reusable, sturdy flexible rubber bowl for mixing fillers. Virtually unbreakable. Give the bowl a squeeze to release any filler which has dried to the surface. Smooth round inner surface without corners. Stands on three feet.

Available in two sizes which nest together. A smaller 0.9 Litre / 5.3 inch diameter mixing bowl, and a larger 1.3 Litre / 6.25 inch diameter mixing bowl.

single135mm (5.3 inch)£4.26
pack of 5135mm (5.3 inch)£19.23
single160mm (6.25 inch)£5.49
pack of 5160mm (6.25 inch)£25.55

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Rubber Mixing Bowls