Sanding Sealer

Sanding Sealer is a pale coloured solution of bleached shellac and grain filler, dispersed in a fast drying alchohol carrier (Methylated Spirits) for sealing bare timber, including MDF, prior to french polishing or waxing.

On fully prepared (sanded and filled) surfaces: Shake bottle well, and apply by brush or a cloth 'rubber' (made by wrapping a piece of cotton wool in cotton or linen cloth no larger than a handkerchief).

Allow product to dry thoroughly before reapplication. Up to 5 coats can be applied. If rough, lightly abrade the surface with finest grade wire wool. The final coat can be applied 50% Methylated Spirits, 50% Sanding Sealer.

May be overcoated with other shellac finishes, or for speed a finishing wax may be used. Apply in a warm dry atmosphere allowing at least 24 hours for the surface to harden, before putting to use. Clean equipment with methylated spirits.

Sanding Sealer is available in 250ml size only.

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Sanding Sealer