Scruff Ball 3 inch

Scruff Balls are 75mm dia. flexible ball consisting of layers of abrasive coated nylon fibre pads (synthetic steel wool). Especially designed for attachment to an electric drill, for abrading awkward surfaces prior to the application of finishing coats, primers or lacquers.

The Scruff Balls work excellently for preparation of new or previously decorated surfaces on awkward projects like ornamental steelwork such as gates and railings; metal or wooden garden furniture; ironmongery etc... They sand wood, plastic and metal components as well as painted surfaces, where their woven structure resists clogging.

Layers of abrasive coated nylon fibre pads are firmly fastened together with a 6mm spindle to connect to any drill. Choose from either the coarsest 'Green' general purpose scruff ball, or 'Red' very fine scruff ball, or the 'Grey' ultra fine Silicon Carbide ball.



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Scruff Ball 3 inch