Sianet Abrasive Strips 81 x 133 mm

Sianet 7900 Abrasive Strips 81 x 133mm. A hook and loop attached abrasive sheet, with Aluminium Oxide grit bonded to very strong, flexible, woven polyester fibre net - this is Sia's response to Abranet and evoMESH, and it's good too. Sianet cuts well, and strips last a reasonable amount of time.

Fits Mirka orbital sanders, and the Festool RTS 400 compact one-handed sander range.

When used with dust extraction equipment, Sianet strips produce a virtually dust free work environment due to the open back net structure that removes dust quickly and efficiently. Additionally, the open net structure reduces clogging of the abrasive, greatly extending the abrasives working life.

Use for abrading bare, and previously painted, wood, MDF and plaster surfaces.

Sianet 7900 Abrasive Strips 81 x 133mm are available in P80 (roughest), P120, P180, P240 and P320 grits, and are sold in both single strips, and full boxes of 50 strips, so you can buy as few, or as many strips as you like.


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box of 50£13.50

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Sianet Abrasive Strips 81 x 133 mm