SiaOne 15 hole Abrasive Discs 150mm

SiaOne 1944 Abrasive Discs 6 inch / 150mm dia. An affordable 15 hole, hook and loop attached disc, with Aluminium Oxide grit bonded to a flexible paper. SiaOne offers coarser grits in P40, and P60 when you need an aggressive value for money abrasive. Initial cut is excellent, and the discs are low cost.

When used with dust extraction equipment, SiaOne 15 hole discs produce a low dust work environment, and dust extraction helps extend the discs life by reducing the build up of dust which contributes to clogging. Grits P40, P60 & P80 use an excellent fleece backing. Grit's P120 and above use Sia's Vein backing, which we don't think offers quite as good as an attachment as the fleece backing used on the coarser grits.

Use SiaOne for abrading bare, and previously painted, wood, MDF and plaster surfaces.

SiaOne 1944 Abrasive Discs 150mm dia. are available in P40 (roughest), P60, P80 P120, P180, P240 and P320 grits, and are sold in both single discs, and full boxes of 50 discs, so you can buy as few, or as many discs as you like.

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box of 50£6.63

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SiaOne 15 hole Abrasive Discs 150mm