Multi-purpose Linseed Oil Putty

Multi-purpose Linseed Oil Putty has been formulated for glazing wood and metal frames but is equally useful as a general wood filler.

When used for glazing, the rebate should be clean, dry and free from dust, grease and loose material. Prime uncoated steel and bare wood with one coat of suitable primer. Knead the putty to make sure it is well mixed. Thumb the putty around the rebate, then carefully push in the glass (wear gloves) and secure with glazing pins or clips. Apply further putty around the edge of the glass and knife off to a smooth triangular fillet.

The putty must be painted with undercoat and gloss paint, or exterior varnish, as soon as putty is firm and within 28 days of application. Use a suitable exterior undercoat and gloss system.

Multi-purpose Linseed Oil Putty is available in 1.00kg tubs in Natural only.

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Multi-purpose Linseed Oil Putty