SP Wallcovering Protective Cutting Tape (Red/White) 150m

SP Wallcovering Protective Cutting Tape, is a 35mm wide transparent red/white protective CPP Film, reinforced with high strength fibres. Use when wallpapering to prevent damage to the drywall when carrying out an overlap-and-trim joint (also known as a double cut or splice).

This sacrificial tape protects the drywall from your cutting blade, preventing damage to the wall surface, to help ensure that wallcovering seams stay flat. Open up the overlap join, place the cutting tape behind the wallcovering, and overlap again. Then cut your joint, remove the excess wallcovering, open up the seam and remove the protective tape. Close the seam again for a perfect finish.

  • Transparent CPP film / High strength fibre reinforcement.
  • 35mm wide x 150m per roll.
  • Thickness 0.19mm

SP Wallcovering Protective Cutting Tape (Red/White) is sold in rolls, each roll is 35mm wide, and contains 150 meters of tape. You can find more double cutting tapes and strips here.

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SP Wallcovering Protective Cutting Tape (Red/White) 150m