Terebine Driers

Terebine Driers are an additive that can be added to most traditional solvent-borne alkyd coatings such as traditional oil-based gloss and undercoat, and traditional polyurethane varnishes.

Terebine Driers speeds up the oxidation process in these paints, speeding up the drying process as they absorb oxygen. This is sometimes useful when you are forced to apply coatings in adverse drying conditions, particularly cold weather which tends to retard this chemical drying process. Add upto a maximum of 55ml to every 5 litres of prepared paint.

However, you should note that this is a compromise, and that the speeded up oxidation process may shorten the life of these coatings, as they embrittle (harden) through oxidisation. Adding too much Terebine driers can lead to premature embrittlement of the paint coating film (cracking and loss of adhesion) substantially reducing the normal maintenance period. Used sensibly however, Terebene dryers are an important weapon in the painter and decorators armory.

Terebine Driers are available in 250ml size only.

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Terebine Driers

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