Fossa Micropol Mini Paint Rollers Set 10 Pack and 27 cm Frame

10 x Premium medium pile (10mm pile height) Fossa Micropol mini paint roller refill /sleeve kit including a 27cm frame. For use with all standard decorative coatings such as emulsions, acrylics, solvent-borne eggshell etc.

Manufactured from a new Micropol fabric which uses a special blend of polyester and microfibres giving high paint loading, with very smooth, even paint transfer. When used with emulsions and acrylics on smooth to medium-rough surfaces, the resulting dry film finish is probably the smoothest we have seen from any paint roller sleeve on the market today. Suitable for the small, difficult to reach areas with full corner coverage.

Push on/Pull off design for use with standard 6mm diameter Mini Paint Roller frames (see links below photo). 15mm inner core diameter. Available in 100mm (4 inch) size.

Set contains 10 Micropol Mini Rollers and 27cm Frame.


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