Alkyd Wood Primer

Wood Primer is a rich, creamy oil / alkyd based, solvent-borne primer that has good penetration and provides an ideal surface for Undercoat.

Alkyd Wood Primer suitable for interior and exterior use on softwood and non-oily hardwood joinery. Especially recommended for use on new timber or on timber that has been treated with a solvent-borne wood preservative. Conforms to BS 5358 : 1986. Type A

  • For priming bare timber surfaces
  • Good penetration
  • Good adhesion for subsequent coatings
  • For interior or exterior use.

Alkyd Wood Primer is available in 5 Litre containers, in White only. Theoretical coverage 12 square meters per litre, practical coverage 8 - 9 square meters per litre. Touch dry in 1.5 hours, overcoatable in a minimum of 16 hours at 20°C and normal humidity and drying conditions.

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Alkyd Wood Primer