Ardenbrite Protective Glaze

Ardenbrite Protective Glaze is an advanced quick drying and hard wearing clear gloss coating used to protect Ardenbrite Metallic Paint in external applications. Recently improved, it prevents 'yellowing', tarnishing and provides outstanding resistance in all weather conditions and excellent UV protection. Ideal where weather conditions are highly demanding, such as coastal applications.

Two coats of Glaze must be applied to protect the metallic paint - at least one coat must be applied within 2 hours of application of the paint. For internal use, where the finished surface is likely to be handled or knocked a liberal coat of Glaze will provide a tough protective coating.

Theoretical coverage 14 square meters per litre, practical coverage is dependent upon surface profile, wastage etc. Touch dry in 1 hours, overcoatable in a minimum of 4 hours at 20°C and normal humidity and drying conditions. Clean tools and equipment with Cellulose Thinners.

125 ml£11.59
250 ml£19.53
500 ml£36.27
1 litre£67.84
2.5 litre£131.79

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Ardenbrite Protective Glaze